The Sydney branch of the Extreme Jiu-jitsu Academy trains out of the Boxingworks gym run by Australian MMA ex-shooto and MMA champion, Larry Papadopoulos. The coach for the class is Fabio Paulucci, BJJ bown belt from the Behring school in Sao Paulo. There are also other assistant coaches who will demonstrate technqiues and offer assistance during drills.

Classes typically begin with a warmup, consisting of running, knees high, heels high, side skips, and crossovers. Often some some type of additional sports-specific drills are included such as pummeling, standing kuzushi drills, shrimping, reverse shrimping,rolls and breakfalls.

Training then begins on the technqiue. This will be demonstrated a number of times and then built upon throughout the session. This may include counters, counter-to-counters, alternate entries or alternate submissions. This is usually done with a compliant partner.

After the technical training, about 20 minutes or so of sparring takes place. In large classes, space is limited so groups of three of four at a time will be used. While the sparring is hard and competitive, generally there is no ego or attitude. Training all round is in a non-formal atmosphere with a coach-athlete relationship.

The inclusion of more isolation sparring and resistant drills would assist bridging the gap between compliant technqiue and sparring.

Good atmposhere.
Serious Sparring.
Good coach to student ratio.

Mat Space.
Could use more isolation sparring.