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Thread: Muscle Control

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    So this stuff won't help you fight better?

    Herbert LIED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Macho
    Ok, seriously, muscle isolation is cool, and it certainly can have benefits. This is particularly true if you are trying some esoteric definition if you are a fitness/bodybuilder competitor, or if you are a yoga practitioner.

    Having said that, I'm not so sure if this could translate well for the practice of martial arts. The last 12 months have been a period of rediscovery for me, and now more than ever I'm aware that it is paramount to exercise SPECIFICALLY for the sport at hand.

    There are things that are the "cream and butter", the universal core of conditioning: squats, bench presses/push ups, chin ups/barbell rows, running. Those exercises serve well for any sports. And there are others, more specific exercises that, yeah, will make you enhance a specific set of physical attributes that may be good for one sport, but not for another.

    For martial arts, you require lots of stamina, a high anaerobic capacity, and good, strong gross motor skills. Fine-grained motor skills don't necessarily translate to something effective in terms of strenght/power, stamina, coordination or speed as required for combat sports IMO.

    I may be wrong, but that it's my impression.
    Great post El Macho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaverickZ
    I have a muscle control dilemma. What kind of exercises can you all recommend for my girl to practice so she can deep throat a 11" dick and not throw up all over me all the damn time?
    Stand a little farther away from her as she is going down on the guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arhetton
    Hey everyone just wanted to know if anyone had either the ability or exposure to someone capable of muscle control (voluntary control of muscles that was abnormal).

    Personally I can switch between weight bearing with either (biceps) or (brachialus+brachio radialis).

    I can also abduct my arm without contracting the deltoid muscle at all. Any extra resistance (above the weight of my own arm) currently causes me to use my deltoid muscle. For some reason I can only do it on the right side at the moment, but all of my other control is symmetrical.

    Recently I've also gained a small amount of control over the muscles in the calf, my torso and scapula's, although these are much harder to demonstrate as they are not as superficial as the biceps and the deltoid (well the calf is but im no good at that yet).

    Theres some old school muscle control stuff on the web about a guy called maxalding (I dont practice this particular form but it is a good example)

    Basically, I wanted to hear about other peoples experiences in this area. There are two things that interest me.

    1) What is possible in terms of muscle control

    2) Whether or not muscle control is useful or of value to martial arts training and competition etc.

    I'm posturing to take the position that if weight training is useful, then muscle control would also be, for obvious reasons (co-ordination, power, balance timing etc).

    Anyway, chew me up, im only a newb.:chewy:


    I am good enough at some of this stuff to easily demonstrate it to anyone who thinks I'm BSing them btw. Happy to comply with those in Sydney anyway.
    1) I can make my pecs dance and thats about it.

    2) It is useful IF you can do it, otherwise it takes too long to learn at least for me. From a self-defense perspective it is better to have more muscle mass than your attacker, among other things like coordination.

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