I have been a Tai chi chuan student for many years, and have studied other arts as well (Krav Maga (2 years), wrestling( Jr. High through College(NCAA Div 1). This school is the finest I have ever attended. Students learn at their own pace. Because Sifus(3) teach most classes, they know the students and give them the appropriate help at the right moment. They answer questions and work with the students. Students range in age from 6 to 70's. The complete system taught is Fu Hok Tae He Morn which integrates Hung Gar Kung Fu, me I'm just a Tai Chi guy, but I work with the kung fu guys. In fact I atudents are encouraged to take the Kung Fu classes or just the warm up.

I learned more about Tai Chi Chuan in one year from this schol than I had in years at another popular school of Chinese Martial Arts, also very good, but no where near CCMAA. The two Sifu's who do most of the Tai Chi are Calvin chin and Steve Wing, both skilled and humble men, both have a great eye for detail and actually pay attention to individual students. My push hands (fixed and freestyle) have increased dramatically since coming to CCMAA. As I mentioned, Tai Chi is part of the story as the cirruculm also can include Hung Gar Kung Fu in a system known as Fu Hok Tae He Morn ($115/month means unlimited classes). Me, I'm just a Tai Chi guy, I get 11 hours a week of instruction and open workout help from other students. Between class and open workouts I get 16 hours a week of leaning.

It is difficult to talk about instructors and fellow students that I have a respect and fondness for. This school is run like a traditional school in many ways, there are no contracts and a large student population, This school has been in business for over 10 years and continues to grow. Quality speaks louder than advertising. We do Lion Dance as well and participate in the local (Boston) Chinese cultural affairs. Every summer, some of the students participate in both national and PRC tournaments.

All said and done, I couldn't imagine a better place to learn Chimese martial arts. the school teaches Wu style Tai Chi Chuan, Hung Gar, Fu Hok Tae He Morn, Wu Shu, weapons (Tai Chi and Kung fu) It is hard to sum this school up in words, it has to be experienced. Even the t-shirts and sweatshirts are really high quality.