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    Nashville, TN - Boxing Resource Center Nashville, TN

    During my time in Nashville training at Nashville MMA, Kat and myself were invited to train at The Boxing Resource Center, a new boxing gym opened by Christi Halbert, author of "The Ultimate Boxer" and coach for Team USA in numerous international events, including the first ever Women's World Championships.

    The Boxing Resource Center offers training for aspiring boxers of all levels and interests, ranging from a very dynamic cardio focused class to fighter training with top ranked amateur boxers. The beginner classes focus heavily on basic technique, footwork, headmovement and do well to keep things dynamic and involved, whereas more advanced training consists primarily of isolated sparring drills. Students of all levels are encouraged to spar and can do so in a very controlled and supervised setting where the trainers do a very good job of letting you know what exactly you're doing right or wrong and what you can do to improve your performance between each round and afterwards.

    The facilities of the gym are quite nice, providing a full sized boxing ring, space for skipping rope and shadow boxing, hanging bags of every shape and size, speed bags, double end bags, slip bags, weights, bikes, treadmills etc.

    Overall, it's a pretty kickass place to train.
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