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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonuzaba
    Heh. Yeah. Unliftable body my ass. Who the heck would ever want to lift you?

    Ueshiba would demonstrate **** like that to Judoka I'm not sure if people these days try to work stuff on Judoka today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kintanon
    I can duplicate most of these silly things as magic tricks. I may try to put together a quick "Martial Magic" act for the Nov 5th Atl throwdown. Do the "Unbendable Arm" have 5 people try to push me against a wall, may even try the unliftable body... I also do a backbridge with someone sitting on my stomach and sit in a horse stance with someone sitting on my knee. All kinds of good tricks.

    I'd say the the unliftable body "trick" is pretty applicable to grappling. I have shootfighters over here complain how its hard to get a double leg on me even though it looks like im just "walking" around. If you know the actual skills behind the "trick" its definitely a valid demonstration. :)
    That being said I'd say a majority of Aikidoh kids dont know the actual skills backing up the techniques, nor can they use them in a live environment.

    Here's a more difficult version of the "unliftable body" trick:
    Instead of doing the ghey ass "lets grab the guy by the arms" thing which anybody with half a brain could do, have them grab you around the waist or chest and then lift you. If you can keep them from lifting you, then see if you can redirect that force vector back into them and have the lifter fall down instead ;)
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    These sorts of body tricks used to be presented as examples of "spiritualism" and "magnetism" in Vaudeville shows way back in the 1800s -

    I would say that the UA, UB, etc. are all valuable "tricks" in teaching fundamental body mechanics. One advantage is that they give you something to refer back to when you're teaching a wide range of more specific, combative techniques - "Remember that fun arm trick? OK, that's what we're doing here, except we're using the extension to weaken the other guy's hold", etc.

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    On the subject of magic tricks, I saw a great TKD one a while back. It was at a demo they did at my university. Some idiots actually believed what they saw was real.

    The TKD guys brought out "Large blocks of wood".
    It turned out that these were actually extremely thin wooden 'boxes' filled with sawdust.
    The TKD guys were fly kicking, back flip kicking these things etc etc. The idea was that when you kick one it breaks and sawdust flies everywhere, The audience were suposed to think that the incredible TKD power had caused these big, solid blocks to explode.
    It was so obviously fake, but there were groups of idiots out there CHEERING and clapping in awe and wonder.

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    Unbendable arm? like when you have to straighten your arm to defend the kimura when you cant grab your thigh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartialArtN00b
    Unbendable arm? like when you have to straighten your arm to defend the kimura when you cant grab your thigh?

    I use something similar to defend armlocks on noobs. It frustates them, but anyone of nominal skill will just change up to a different lock.

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