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    People laying on you with a weight advantage is something i got used to.

    Just take deep breaths, and as much as i can guess, your 'internal' (for lack of better words (another guess would be your intercoastal)) muscles will get stronger because youre basically lifting weights with your chest.

    Its a shitty way to start, at the beginning i spent the first couple of month with a chest that was really really really stiff. Whenever i coughed, sneezed, or do anything id feel it in my chest.

    Now after an additional couple of months, its not too discomforting to have big guys on me. I had a person who had a 60-70 lbs laying on me for a couple of minute ( i was stalling in closed guard and he was smothering me). I took it without any pain, but my breaths made wheezing sounds. I guess theres still a point where you cant ask too much out of your chest muscles.

    Conditionning wise, i guess it was easier because i learned to breathe in using my abs ( which i learned in kungfu, but also pilates, yoga, and kano's judo book). Like when you crunch your abs towards your spine, you expire. So when you get smothered, if you think about breathing abdominally, its not so bad. Not great, but better than when you try to breathe in normally. It kind of forces you to breathe, even when youre not able to.

    And then do what you need to escape.

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    RoninPimp said it all.

    You need to get into the habit of not landing on your back. But falling on your side ready to shrip.

    In Judo if somone gets the mount thats a pin and end of game quick.

    edited to add

    Thats how it goes during randori at our school. Unless we are just working ne waza.
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