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    i am 20, and i take conditioning very serious... as someone who wishes to fight in a year or so, and pursue it seriously... a good warm up is crucial to any workout, not just before training. it should really only be 5-15 mins long, because then it is less of a warm up, and then more of a workout. it's goals whould be to limber the body and warm up the cardiovascular system, then dynamic stretches should be performed, then whatever excersice/s you are wanting to perform. after your training or working out, then you should perform static stretches.

    switching up warmups is awsome, i agree... that way you don't fall into a rut, and it helps to warm up different areas of the body without overstraining a muscle group, especially if you train very often

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    i like the reverse shrimps and the sidewinder too, crocodile walks? anyone heard of these?

    off topic, Just a question from a noob:
    I know that shrimping helps to escape back to guard, but i never figured out what reverse shrimps are drilled for, that and the sidewinder, I hear different things like they're for getting outta side control or north south, but noones explained how it would work. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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