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    BJ Penn injury report

    So he lost due to injury

    BJ PENN CONDITION UPDATE; The UFC's Doctor's Diagnosis
    Posted by BJPenn.com Staff Writer
    As the fans all watched BJ enter the cage for round three against Matt Hughes, it was obvious that something happened to BJ. His hands were down, his punches were off and his dominance of Matt simply wasn't there as it was in rounds 1 and 2. Most people thought and speculated that BJ gassed or wasn't physically prepared (as Matt Hughes alleged). As we previously explained, those thoughts simply are not true.

    While in Las Vegas for UFC 64, BJ met with the UFC's orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor in Las Vegas for a physical exam and diagnostic MRI study of his ribs and oblique muscles on his right side. The report verified and substantiated exactly what happened to BJ at the end of second round when he thrusted up and around to gain Matt's back. During this upward and twisting movement, BJ pulled/tore internal muscles located inside and around the bottom right rib and fractured the rib. As explained, this type of trauma can and will cause a constriction of his right lung, leading to a substantially diminished breathing capacity.

    While BJ congratulates Matt on his victory, he looks forward to the rematch to continue forward with his dominance; as the fans have seen in his victory over Matt at UFC 46 and the first two rounds of UFC 63.

    To all of BJ's fans, we appreciate your support and continued interest. BJ will rest and return with a vengeance.

    Thank you.

    Also I apologize if this has been posted before, did a search and didn't find anything

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    Nice, hughes made Penn pull muscles fighting him? What a beast.
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    For those who don't want to click on the .pdf link, the spin-free doctor's report simply says that Penn had a broken rib and "moderate grade strains" to the adjacent muscles.

    The report does not say anything about whether "BJ gassed," whether he was "physically prepared," whether he hurt himself trying to take Hughes' back (as opposed to being hit in the ribs), or whether his tears cure cancer.

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    Whatever. Hughes won the fight. Reasons for loosing are something that the loosers talk about.

    However, Hughes better know that he could have easily lost that fight a few times in the first two rounds. He was getting owned standing up and on the ground. If he doesn't perform better next time, the outcome might be different. The little I've seen of his personality I'm not sure he gets it.

    IMO Penn should have to go through GSP to get another shot at Hughes.
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    He lost get over it. I do think Penn is the better fighter but his nutriders excuses are getting annoying now.


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