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    I am re-writing this review to adjust it for the guidelines put forth for how to review schools.

    The main focus of this club is currently sport jiujitsu with classes evenings 5 days a week (monday - friday) and day classes on tuesdays and thursdays. There are also Judo and MMA and classes held after the normal jiujitsu classes. Many of our MMA students have had success in local events and a few have even gone on to fight in pro events such as 'King of the Cage'.

    BJJ instruction is done by the owner, who received his black belt in bjj this year. Class sizes are large enough to provide lots of sparing partners, but small enough that he can make sure to help anyone who needs it. There are fundmental classes on monday and wedsdays, normal classes after the fundmental classes and also on tuesdays and thursdays. Fridays is open mat time. Classes are what you would expect from any bjj class, warmups, drilling, resistant drilling, sparing.

    Judo instruction is provided by Jon Wagner, a shodan. Class size is usually 6-10 people. We also have two brown belts (myself included) who help teach when he can't make it. This is not formal judo in that we do not stress on all the customs, and instead focus solely on the techniques and how to apply them in competiton, not just limited to judo competition, but also bjj and mma. Classes consist of most uchi komi (drilling) and throw lines, with a small portion of randori (sparing.)

    I do not know much about the boxing and MMA instruction as I just don't have the time to go very often to these classes. When I do go I get a lot of personal attention and I feel the instruction is great. Many of the mma students do well in competition and this leads me to believe their is good instruction here as well. What drives down the score for striking instruction however is the lack of consistancy. From talking to people who take the class regularly, it does not appear to have a 'set' class, and is more of a "take it upon yourself" type class. However there are instructors and they do help you. Group drills and sparing is also done. This area could probably use to be more formalized. Again I do not spend much time in this area, so I could be incorrect and missinformed.

    Kids classes - Kids bjj is offered. I do not have chlidren, so I do not know much about this. Kids are also welcome at the judo classes, at this time there is not enough interest to create a kids judo program.

    The club has recently moved to a new faciluty located at a newly built gym. We have two large rooms of mat space, a full size boxing ring, a full weight room, full juice bar, sauna, showers, rockwall, and more at our disposal. One of our mat rooms is actually a floating floor (Great for judo). This location also provides child care, and child sports like basketball, cheerleading, gymanstics, and more. There is another martial arts club located in the building that teaches 'traditional' japaneese martial arts. A very awesome place to train. There are also 'affilate' clubs at the local colleges and universities. Some of which are taught by the head instructor and some are taught by his top students.

    Simply put, this is the best place you can train in the area for bjj and mma. Our fighters typically do the best at the local shows and a few have moved on to pro fights. We do great at bjj and judo competitions as well. While this is not the best place to get judo instruction (yet, but we are working on it!), the instruction provided is adaquate for improving a bjj/mma game. This club just keeps getting better with time.
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