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    Tomodachi Judo Club

    For a short History of our club, please go to www.math.fau.edu/locke/Judo/Tomohist.htm.

    The Tomodachi Judo Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteer trainers and non-so-volunteer people (trust me on this one), the reason why I would recommend this club is simple, they’re there for the people who comes and trains, let me explain, if you need financial aid with the payments, the club will help you, if you need money for a competition, the club will pay for it, if you need a new uniform, the club will help you with that too, the only thing they ask about is that every once in a while, you will have to volunteer and work on a competition (drive the mats to the location, work the tables, refereeing, give a ride to somebody to a competition), that’s what I meant by non-so-volunteering.

    We work a lot of standing techniques, and we work a lot of newaza, however, is up to you what would your primarily focus be on, with 9 or 10 (I do not remember how many) Black belts in our club, and many others visiting on a semi-regular basis, your bound to find somebody who knows how to help you improve in the area you are seeking improving on.

    If you’re looking to be the next Olympic Champion, or World Champ, you might be better serve at some other place like Ki Itsu Sai, since we do not focus so much on competition and shiai (we do compete a lot though), however, if you want to practice judo, or expand your knowledge of judo and train with a great group of knowledgeable people, come by and train.
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