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anna, thanks, i knew if you got a bit riled you'd post the vids and i wouldn't have to search them, thanks, that said, nice job in the grappling video. sorry, but that guy doesn't look like a grown up, but kudos anyhow. i'm not sure which sparring video is the one where you're talking about, i see guys that don't turn their hips into anything and i see a 50 something male with a huge gut breathing really really hard after about 1:30. now, if these are the guys that you're talking about, fine, you're obviously in much better shape than the old fat guy though you hardly bested him clearly, and either the others are going light on you or they don't have the technique to turn their hips into anything. in one vid, i didn't even see the guy throw anything other than a jab and cross without turning his hips once. if they train as much as you do, does your/their coach not train them to throw hooks, uppercuts, or turn their hips? or does the coach just teach you these things more than them? oh well, nice vids, thanks for throwing them up.

and btw, when i fought, i'd have fought any of the above fighters you mentioned in a heartbeat, except tyson, would've lost to mayweather, killed wolfe, tyson was well out of my weight class by about 80 lbs, i wasn't near heavyweight.
Well, Kat said she's really good and posted video to back it up. I want to see video of your testosterone fueled superiority.

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now, question for ya! who would you pick floyd or anne as she outweighs him?
Who would win, you or Anne?