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    S-mount re-counter: Omoplata

    Continuing the re-counter game, this time I opt for the omoplata. Yes, an omoplata. From mount. That's only the beginning of this awesomeness.

    The setup for this move was inspired by Jean Jacques Machado, who shows a variation in one of his books.

    Just as with my triangle from s-mount tutorial, the second half of this one is really just on how to finish an omoplata. I just threw it in as a bonus since I know people have trouble with it, and this way has worked well for me.

    Once again, we find me going for an armbar from s-mount.

    And once again, Trog jerks his elbow down to the mat, escaping the armbar.

    As soon as he does this, I grab his far wrist with my left hand.

    I shove his arm to my right, making his arm wrap around my thigh.

    I step over their head like I'm doing an armbar that isn't there.

    Then I fall backwards, letting them turn belly down and come to their knees.

    I triangle my legs around their arm and still have my grip on their knee. My left hand keeps pushing their arm down to my hip so they can't uncross it and escape the omoplata.

    I quickly take my arm out from under their leg...

    ...and hug behind both of their legs. This is what Eddie calls the jiu-claw. It's a no-gi grip for controlling them from the omoplata before you can sit up and grab their back.

    I untriangle my legs and chop down on their arm really hard with my right leg. I want to stiffen my leg and try to force my hamstring and heel down to the mat. As I do this chopping, my left leg shrimps on the mat to move my hips away. This chopping and shrimping will drag them out and force their shoulder to the mat.

    Once their shoulder touches the mat, I sit up and hug their back. I keep shoving their arm down to my hip until I can bring my stomach and ribs over it and trap it. Make sure you do this really well, so you can let go of it and still have their wrist trapped. This is a little detail that a lot of people miss and leads to a lot of omoplatas being escaped.

    With their wrist trapped by my torso and hips, my left arm is free to pull my legs and arrange them in the proper way to finish.

    I bend my right leg until my foot touches my knee, and I fold my left leg back, with my toes point straight back.

    I raise my hips while pressing down on their arm with my right thigh and keeping weight on their hips and back. I lean like I want to go diagonally forward and to the right, across their shoulders. And about now, they should tap.

    To be honest, you really can just go for this omoplata without them escaping an armbar, but I thought presenting it this way would let me slip it by all of you that I actually give up mount to take a submission that a lot of people find really hard to finish and usually just results in a sweep.

    That said, here's how to force them into the omoplata if they don't want to come to their knees.

    I am pushing their arm around my thigh like before.

    And like before, I step all the way over with my other leg, only this time I triangle my legs too. To prevent them from pulling out the back, I need to sit on their upper arm really tightly and pin it between my calf and thigh.

    This is also a common position after many omoplata sweeps, so you can apply this move then as well if you want to just go back to trying to finish the omoplata as a submission. Which I sometimes do.

    I put my head on the mat as I reach through with my right arm and do a shoulder roll towards his legs.

    I keep rolling though, forcing his shoulder up and prompting him to try to get to his knees.

    When they post on the mat with their far arm to try to get up, I'll usually hook under it with my right hand.

    From here, I've basically got a crucifix where one of the arms is trapped by an omoplata. What I do from here is best left for another day (and I took it all from Nino Schembri's omoplata video).

    That awesomeness doesn't end here.
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    Could you use a half nelson instead of clasping hands in that last photo?
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    Good stuff as always man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosexmachina
    Could you use a half nelson instead of clasping hands in that last photo?

    I have never been able to get a half nelson because the angle and positioning of the opponent.

    Aeso, I fully support your campaign for best poster ever. I just wish you would stop teaching elements from my game so I can enjoy a little success before having to adapt. :sad10:


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