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    S-mount Far Arm Attacks

    While the armbar on the near arm is the primary attack from s-mount, I have several great ways of dealing with the far arm too. I use these to backup my armbar attempt, since they can counter defensive grips and set me up to take the arm. Even if they fail, you rarely lose position for attempting them.

    The trigger for each of the three armlocks below is the direction their arm is point. One if it's up, one if it's down and the last if it's in between.

    First, the americana.

    I have s-mount. I am reaching behind their head to hold my ankle and cinch the position tighter. I am posting with my right hand on the mat by their hips and my foot is somewhat behind me for balance. My chest leaning over them so I stay tight. My weight is low so I am harder to roll over.

    I see their far arm is by their face, so I grab the wrist with my left hand and push it down.

    I reach behind their upper arm and grab my own wrist, figure-fouring my arms. I can crank it from here to finish it without driving their arm to the ground. This is a very harsh submission so be careful with it.

    Oh, and no thumbs. Monkey grip.

    To show how you can use an attack on the far arm to setup an armbar on the near one, let's say they defend the americana.

    They try to escape by turning away and driving their elbow to the mat.

    I release the americana and hook their near arm (grab my hip, elbow to elbow) and lean towards their far hip, posting on the mat for balance.

    Then I pass my left leg over the head.

    And sit back in spider web, crossing my ankles and hugging the near knee. All of this (the armbar and spider web) were covered in the first tutorial.

    Now the kimura.

    I have s-mount and Trog is trying to create some space under my leg so he can elbow escape and bring his knee in.

    I grab his wrist with my right hand.

    I push his hand down to the mat and to my left, trying to get his elbow to make a 90 degree angle, as I reach under his arm with my left hand.

    I figure-four my arms for the kimura. To finish, I lean forward and base with my right elbow on the mat as I turn towards his head and crank the arm.

    Again, no thumbs.

    Lastly, the arm crush.

    I have s-mount and Trog's arms are more or less in the middle, not pointing up or down as in the last two bent arm locks.

    I thread my right arm between his forearms and grab his far elbow. It's important that I swim my arm into place in such a way that he wrist is resting on top of my elbow.

    I pull the elbow to me, straightening his arm and turning towards me.

    I keep pulling the arm, lifting it by levering my elbow up, until it is on my shoulder. I lean into it and tilt my head to trap their wrist on my shoulder like I'm holding a phone without my hands.

    To finish, I get his elbow in the crook of mine, then I grab my opposite elbows. I lean towards his far hip as I hug his arm to my chest and arch my back. Make sure you the pressure stays on their elbow and doesn't slide up and down their arm. The power of this armlock should come from your back and shoulders and your body weight leaning into the arm, not just your arms squeezing theirs.

    Believe it or not, you can use this arm crush as a grip break to the armbar defense I showed in the first tutorial. Give it a try.

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    The tips are really cool, but you could have saved me a whole lot of pain had you post this last thursday. Missed the point, got sweeped somehow, mounted and submited. LOL

    The internet can not save everytimes...:qleapfrog


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