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    Noob asking advice

    Im new, I did a little searching and hope I have some variations to some questions I have seen. Ill start with my ultra brief MA history...I have been doing MT for 1 month...thats all lol.
    Classes are going well, I have learned a lot in the month I have been there. My conditioning is going well and I am feeling stronger blah blah.

    2 questions though.

    I feel confident with my kicks...on individual kicks. I can kick all day long and keep balance and good form. But when the conditioning starts after like 3 kicks in a row I begin losing my balance, and forms starts going to ****, I drop my hands and. Is there any particular practice you do to focus on your balance?

    Last question, practicing a low kick. I have the kick down but when it comes to spin in the 360 I always land out of stance and off balance. My coach suggested a small stool or poker chair to practice on. My real question...and it can be taken for both questions is there any particular aspect you focus...or focused on when you were new that helped you grasp these techniques.

    Other than that I am loving MT, I go 4 times a week for 2 hours a time.

    Sorry for the noob questions.

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    :wave: Others, who are doing MT will probably give you better advice, but let me give you some.

    Core strength and endurance. Train your abdomen, back, and obliques strong, it helps you control your kick and upperbody tilt during the kick.

    Kicking slowly, and concentrating on the points you need to fix is another. Might be a bit difficult for MT kicks, but give it a try.

    Thatīs some advice out of the hat (hopefully not from my ass :dark1: )

    We were all noobs once, and young....:tongue1:

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    practice practice practice. one month and you are losing balance throwing serial kicks? nothing unusual about that. one thing that i always tell nubs is to use that arm on the kicking side. and i dont mean wave it around i mean throw that fucker back like you just smelt your hand after not washing it when you took a messy ****. then bring it back up and throw it back down again. this will help your balance hugely.

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    Alex, your colorful, but pertinent analogies bring tears to my eyes.

    MMA Record vs Llamas 0-1-0
    (The Llama bit my junk but the ref didn't see it).

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    [QUOTE=Alex]and i dont mean wave it around i mean throw that fucker back like you just smelt your hand after not washing it when you took a messy ****. QUOTE]

    That is so beautiful... it brings tears to my eyes. Such a way with words. Haave you thought of becoming a poet?

    Like **** my hand smells all day long,
    why else would I be called colonelpong,
    Waving my soiled limb about the gym,
    wishing I had circled paper about the rim.

    Not my area of expertise myself im afraid

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    Practice leads to improvment. Sure there are different types of supplemental training that can help you out (i.e. weight training) but the best way to get yourself into shape for a particular activity is to simply do it.

    I havent been doing muay thai long, so Im not able to give much in the room of advice for striking from the feet, but I can tell you my experience from both jiu jitsu and muay thai- just practice whatever technique you're trying to do over and over again. Think and ask about what you're doing, but you should spend more time practicing it than talking about it


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