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    Aleksey Vayner: Ultimate Bullshidoist?

    This 'video CV' (see news story below) is a must see. It's like something from"The Office" come to life, and yes, apparently it is 'for real'. Some 'amazing' brick breaking at the end, as well:


    Not only is this guy a general buffoon, but he has also started a fraudulent charity and released his own fraudulent 'gendered study of the holocaust' as well:



    The video CV that is a cult email hit with bankers

    Watch the video here: http://wallstfolly.typepad.com/walls..._vayner_n.html

    Andrew Clark in New York
    Wednesday October 11, 2006

    Only the best survive in Wall Street's cut-throat world of investment banking. Alpha males rule the pack and the competitive instinct is essential.

    A job application to UBS which appears to embrace this philosophy a little too enthusiastically has become a cult hit in the financial world.

    Purporting to be from a Yale student named Aleksey Vayner, the self-aggrandising tome has zipped from bank to bank by email.

    Vayner's covering letter informs the bank's human resources department that he thrives in "intense, competitive environments" and trumpets his success in the fields of academia, charity and sport.

    Getting into his stride, his letter continues: "As a world-level athlete in several sports, I have developed an insatiable appetite for peak performance and continuous learning. My trainer and world martial arts champion often said: 'Impossible is just someone's opinion'."

    The tome is accompanied by a link to an online video in which Mr Vayner serves tennis balls at 140mph, lifts a 495-pound weight and smashes six bricks with a karate chop.

    Throughout the film, he expands on his philosophy of success, explaining: "If you're going to work, work. If you're going to train, train. If you're going to dance, then dance - but do it with passion!"

    Mr Vayner's CV discloses that he is chief executive of a child empowerment organisation and advises on investment through his own firm, Vayner Capital Management. He is also a champion rumba dancer, a member of Yale's ski team and a part-time model.

    His letter continues: "I live everyday with passion because I embrace change as a daily challenge. Nothing will prevail over genuine human relations because we succeed as a team, or fail as individuals."

    It was not clear whether the application represented a genuine attempt to get a job or a spoof.

    However, insiders confirmed that it had been received by UBS's human resources department.

    A UBS spokesman said: "As a firm, UBS does not circulate job applications and resumes to the public and to the extent that any policy was breached, it will be dealt with appropriately."

    A Yale spokeswoman, Gila Reinstein, confirmed that Mr Vayner is a student at the university. She said the unversity's "appropriate authorities" were looking into his application to see if any wrongdoing was evident.

    "This is certainly not the sort of approach our undergraduate career service advises undergraduates to adopt," she said.

    A phone number provided on Mr Vayner's letter elicited only a message saying that his voicemail box was full. There was no immediate response from his email address.

    Since the application began circulating, Mr Vayner's personal website has been taken down and his video has been removed from YouTube.

    One hedge fund trader told the New York Sun: "He [Vayner] single-handedly decreased trading volumes over the last two hours of the day because everyone was laughing too hard."

    Guardian Unlimited Guardian Newspapers Limited 2006

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    This is priceless. Aparently the guy also claims to be a martial arts 'grandmaster' and 'healer' trained under the Dalai Lama and finished '6th in the world
    martial arts championships.'

    From a letter he sent out to 'patients':


    My training in Chinese medicine, Shaolin medicine, Zhen Gui Tui Na and
    acupuncture began, and are rooted in martial arts training. As a
    lineage disciple of a Tibetan Buddhist Sect under the homage of the
    Dalai Lama, I began training daily at the age of 4. Over the last 17
    years I became a grandmaster in two martial arts styles and an 8th dan
    black belt in a third. In December '05 I finished 6th in the world
    martial arts championships, where one's skill in eastern medicine is
    heavily tested. In terms of medical skill, closed martial lineages
    believe that you are only as good a fighter as you are a healer, and
    are a worthless fighter if you can't fix the injuries you inflict.

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    Apparently he also fought with Van Damme in the Kimute and killed 24 people in Tibetan caves, trained by the Dalai Lama himself.

    He's a frikin' psychopath and liar far beyond the level of Ashida Kim or even Frank Dux.


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