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    Gotta make a living somehow.

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    Well I found out where he trains when he's in the states. If any of you Bullshido readers are in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and are willing to do some leg work to find out how good he really is post here or PM me and I'll send you what gym it is.

    I also got a reply back from OK FIGHT NEWS and the guy (Who asked to be anonomys) who responded quickly and politely to my email inquiry had this to say about Chris Clugston:

    Chris is an all around good guy. As far as his fight record, its almost
    impossible to track that down.

    In my opinion he is not a bad D or C level fighter but the rest is whatever
    you want to make of it. Chris created this system some time ago, so just
    like other training methods from the early days it too has become outdated.
    He has created this for the common everyday joe. It was not intended for a
    professional MMA fighter of this day and age. So to be fair about it I will
    not say anything more in a negative sense about the guy. He really is not a
    bad guy in person. I think he enjoys the roll he plays on the internet
    because he is allowed to play a part not really be himself.

    Goodluck in your enduvers on finding Chris Clugstons fight record. But in
    the long run would it really matter either way?

    My reply to if it mattered knowing what his fight record is, was that I just wanted to know who the man behind the marketing myth is.

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