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    UFC: The Final Chapter (Tito vs. Shamrock) Official Thread

    HOLLYWOOD, FL, October 9 – Ken Shamrock came to the weigh-in for his final fight with Tito Ortiz armed with a sandwich and shake; Ortiz just brought a scowl. But with both UFC stars appearing to be in supreme shape for their bout at the Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena, it’s clear that both did bring their ‘A’ games to the Sunshine State.

    Ortiz, the former UFC light heavyweight champ, came in at a relatively light 203.5 for the third bout of his series with Shamrock, who weighed in at a ripped 204.5 and showed his ease at making the weight by sipping a drink and taking a bite from a sandwich as he made his way to the scale.

    In their first bout in November of 2002, Ortiz stopped Shamrock after the third round. A rematch at UFC 61 in July saw Ortiz halt ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ again, but the stoppage by referee Herb Dean was seen as premature by many fans, leading to Tuesday’s third bout, which will be aired live on Spike TV beginning at 8pm.

    “The fans deserved to see a fight and it was stopped short,” said Shamrock of his second bout with ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.’ “If I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna go out a warrior.”

    Ortiz refuses to let Shamrock get the last word though.

    “You guys are gonna see a great beating tomorrow night,” said Ortiz. “This is my life right here.”

    All other fighters on the nine bout card made weight, with the only hiccup coming from returning welterweight veteran Tony DeSouza, who was forced to the scales a second time to make 171 pounds for his bout with Dustin Hazelett.


    Tito Ortiz (203.5) vs Ken Shamrock (204.5)

    Kendall Grove (184.5) vs Chris Price (185)

    Jason MacDonald (185) vs Ed Herman (186)

    Matt Hamill (205) vs Seth Petruzelli (203.5)

    Nate Marquardt (184.5) vs Crafton Wallace (175.5)

    Dustin Hazelett (167.5) vs Tony DeSouza (171)

    Josh Haynes (184.5) vs Rory Singer (185.5)

    John Alessio (169.5) vs Thiago Alves (171)

    Marcus Davis (170) vs Forrest Petz (169.5)

    Post your picks, your thoughts, and your favorites.

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    i don't understand. it's ufc on spike, but didn't they already cancel blade: the series? what are they going to use to fill the time when they should be showing us fights, but aren't?

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    My picks:

    Tito Ortiz (203.5) vs Ken Shamrock (204.5): Tito, R3 JD

    Kendall Grove (184.5) vs Chris Price (185) Kendall R3 JD

    Jason MacDonald (185) vs Ed Herman (186) Ed, GNP TKO R2

    Matt Hamill (205) vs Seth Petruzelli (203.5) Matt R1 GNP TKO

    Nate Marquardt (184.5) vs Crafton Wallace (175.5) Marquardt ...

    Dustin Hazelett (167.5) vs Tony DeSouza (171) NFI

    Josh Haynes (184.5) vs Rory Singer (185.5) NFI... Rory?

    John Alessio (169.5) vs Thiago Alves (171) NFI

    Marcus Davis (170) vs Forrest Petz (169.5) NFI

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    I don't know enough about most of the fighters, but I'll pic some...
    Tito v Ken - Tito R2 TKO GnP
    Kendall v Chris - R3 JD
    Jason v Ed - Ed R1 TKO GnP
    Matt v Seth - Matt R3 JD
    Nate v Crafton - no idea
    Dusin v Tony - no idea
    Josh v Rory - Rory R2 Submission (gotta back my instructor!)
    John v Thiago - no idea
    Marcus v Forrest - Forrest RD 2 submission

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    The Vegas odds for Ken are 100 to 1. I don't think the UFC has had a match this one sided in a long time.

    I don't see Ken winning through anything less than psychological warfare. Maybe if he dances to the ring like Gono does, Tito will be sufficently freaked out for Ken to get a submission.
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    100 to 1 is about right. Maybe Tito will trip in the ring and KO himself.

    I can dream, can't I?
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    Winners My Picks

    Ken Shamrock

    Kendall Grove

    Ed Herman

    Matt Hamill

    Nate Marquardt

    Tony DeSouza

    Josh Haynes

    Thiago Alves

    Marcus Davis

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    So who won?

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    Jason MacDonald vs Ed Herman was a surprising match. Jason dominated.

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    Man, **** the Seth vs. Matt fight; show me the dark fight that covered the mat in blood.
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