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    Feitosa's Deep Hook

    My instructor gave me a great addition to the monkey feet game from rear mount (seen here). He saw me doing my monkey business on the back and showed me another way to lock them down without having both hooks in. He said that Marcio Feitosa does this as a signature way of keeping the back.

    It goes like this:

    I am on their back with the harness, they're turn on their choking side, choking-side hook is in, yadda yadda yadda. My top hook is free to do its monkeying and my bottom hook is in really deep.

    Fearing I'll put my second hook in, Trog is bringing his knee up to block it out. I could go to trap his arm or get the reverse half guard like Marcelo does.

    Or I can do Marcio's position. I bring my bottom hook up behind their thigh and my top leg over their hips and thigh, then cross my ankles.

    Opposite angle:

    Holding them like this, I've trapped their leg and locked myself to their hips. This completely kills their ability to bridge or roll to the escaping side.

    I was playing around with this and comparing it to the reverse half guard and I think I'll enjoy using this a lot more. It completely kills their hips movement.

    I should be charging for all this awesomemess.

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    Just out of curiosity...lowly white belts like myself are allowed to post techniques or school tricks too? Wouldn'y want to anger the grappling gods or something.

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    You're in the clear if they are good techniques.


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