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Thread: Triangle Twist

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    Triangle Twist

    This is a simple move I've been using a lot lately. It came to me while I was doing passing the guard drilling and kept getting triangles. Everyone was doing the escape where they drive my knee to the mat but I didn't really feel like fighting too hard to finish the triangle like this, so I just made this move. It has worked well on everyone ever since.

    It can be used as a re-counter or as a sweep in itself. Or maybe it's a re-counter that is a sweep. Either way, I'll start by showing it as a re-counter to their triangle escape attempt.

    Shazam! I've got a triangle.

    They grab my kneecap with both hands and drive it to the ground.

    They're going to try to escape by sprawling into me and posturing towards where my legs are crossed while pulling my knee down. If done right, this will force my triangle open.

    So before they can do all that, I start doing my re-counter.

    Keeping my triangle closed tightly, I twist and try to go belly down and put my chest on the mat.

    As soon as I've twisted, I do push-up...

    ...and walk backwards on my hands...

    ...ending in a mounted triangle.

    But not everyone will go to down so easily. Especially so if I go for this move as a sweep without them trying the above escape (so they're in a fairly normal posture). They may try to posture and post on the mat with their outside hand to base and defend the sweep.

    My solution?

    I just do an even bigger push-up and keep walking backwards on my hands. Fancy!

    I keep doing this, pushing up and driving my hips into them, trying to bring my hips higher than their posture, until they're unable to resist the sweep. You can see in the photo how his arm is no longer posting in a way that prevents him from falling over.

    So over he goes.

    And if that wasn't enough awesomeness for you, I'll throw this in, free of charge:

    Since I sometimes have trouble applying good finishing pressure with the triangle from mount, I'll grab an americana on the trapped arm.

    Good times.

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    Most excellent. Will try it tomorrow night, since this is how people escape my triangle.
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    Pretty Badass, thanks!

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    thas pretty cool! gotta try it! thanks.

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    Pull up on the back of his head with both hands.

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    I've done this reversal plenty before but not with the set-up pictured. Very nice. If the guy escaping is quicker than your leg hook on the free arm side this is a great way to re-counter their escape attempt. Nice job Aeso.

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    Very noice!

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