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    Russian Tie

    It looks like I havenít posted in a few weeks. Here are some resources I have found on moves to hit from the Russian Tie. Itís also known as the 2 on 1, but I was taught it as a Russian Tie so thatís what Iím going to call it. As soon as I find anything on how to get the Russian Tie Iíll post it here. Things to look for are head position and grip. The grip will be like doing a curl. In addition, the near hand will grip around where the tricep meets the shoulder or curled around even further to the bicep. The far hand will grip on the wrist. Head position is a little harder to explain, watch for how the attacker keeps his head on the inside and, uses his head to keep his opponentís head to the outside. Iíll comment on the moves Iíve actually used or seen used in competition.

    Here are some moves from, a great wrestling site.

    Farside Duckunder
    I never successfully hit this, but when my opponents would move to avoid it, other moves were made available.

    Double Leg Takedown
    The majority of people will counter a Russian Tie by posting on your head. This is exactly how to use that to hit a double.

    These are some instructional videos by former Olympian Gene Mills. For a lot of his setups he hips in and knocks back the near leg. Iíve only seen that used before from an underhook, but he makes it look plausible.

    Ankle Pick
    I didnít use this, but we had somebody come into the room every once in a while who ran this successfully from an underhook set up.

    Firemanís Carry
    This is the first move I learned from a Russian Tie. It is a really slick move to hit from this setup.

    High Crotch
    Iíve never hit this off of a Russian Tie, but I like how he implements it into his setup. At About 57 seconds in he adds it into a series. Hip in, ankle pick, miss ankle pick, high crotch.

    This is used when your opponent tries to counter by using his free hand to grab your far elbow. I have never seen this move before watching this video. Iím adding it because I would have used it if I had known about it. If youíve ever hit a lateral drop, look at the similarity.

    Foot Sweep
    Never learned foot sweeps. Wish I had.

    Sweep Single
    I like Sweep Singles. Iíd rather hit a low single from this setup though.

    Arm Drag
    I really like this move and used it all the time. I call it a Slow Arm Drag you donít need to close the distance. You can get really sneaky when hitting this. There is another move you can hit after hitting this which Iíve been calling a Reverse Lateral. Iíll post it if I can find it.

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    This is getting tried on Monday.

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    excellent take down clinic. these are all really good. the tie to fire man transition is golden and works very well. you just need to make sure you keep it tight or the other guy will just squash you


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