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lots of western gyms spar much harder because they can afford to- in thailand if you get hurt sparring you might miss out on 2-3 fights. over here people fight much further apart. I don't think sparring hard out is really that conducive anyway, i hear about guys who have knockouts every other night in their sparring clubs and i think thats just stupid.

sparring should be a place you can try new techniques without getting completely hammered, but not to an extent where you are just fucking around. for a newbie to MT sparring id echo what octavius said- RELAX. biggest thing. dont try to block individual punches by throwing your arms out, it only works in jackie chan movies. and keep everything you throw neat and tidy, if you find yourself swinging for the hills stop and collect yourself for a second, and try again. even if they block what you are throwing dont try and force it by throwing punches wildly.
I will focus on keeping it neat, you're right the tendency is there to swing wildly when you're in the heat of it...that's what i noticed when I watched amatuer and pro fights. the amatuer fights look like street brawls...