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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCache
    you need to do a thread like this addressing the judo-rediculous flat turtle. (grab own collar, lay flat on tummy, Y your legs out)
    I'd like to say force a grapevine and ride powerhalf, but I don't have a camera to demonstrate. Instead, since it's on youtube, I'll say try a Bow and Arrow.


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    The 'bow and arrow' looks like it could be a calf slicer with some modification.
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    i do enjoy turtle against jits guys. they definatly have a hard time defeating my 10 year experiance at it. they cant get hooks in, period. if they put their leg up lazy i will grab it and push it over my head. i also enjoy doing inside switches on them, its the best. a butcher (chopping the arm, bumping the hips to a 2 on 1 is the most effctive start to breaking it down. u can grind up on that side and curl there shoulder over to expose the other side of their hip to get a hook in. sitting out to the side with the arm for the chicken wing is also effective. both heels on the thigh and pulling for the heavens on the collar will also sometimes lift them enough to get hooks in. i also enjoy a granby roll when some one has my back loose and getting side control / mount. there is also another move i do on plenty of guys, that i cant remember the name. maybe someo ne can help me, altho alot of these moves have diffrent names dependin on where you are. referee postition, hook his inside leg with yours so you are sitting with his leg between your thigh and calf. reach underhis head with youinside arm and over his head with your outside. bump with the hips and walk him up. make sure you keep the leg. it basically smashes him ontop of himself. the smother will tap them if you have long enough.

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    The problems unique to judo are that the person is usually scrambling into turtle from a blown throw so they are already fully in it by the time you take their back and you can attack the legs with your hands as in the bow and arrow. You also just aren't given enough time to work them over.

    Bottom line is: Back control needs to be count as osaekomi, or at least not re-stand the match as quickly. Every day it doesn't, judo gets less relevant to the "new grappling" and that's really too damn bad.

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