Good Lord Seraphx. I can't find anything in your area (White Sulphur Springs.)

I found a few, but no linkies. So you'll need to call or drive around to make sure
these schools still exist.

Huntington YMCA Judo and JuJitsu
Mr. Robert R. Edwards
219 Green Oak Drive, Huntington, WV 25705
Home: (304) 523-1966

Ray's Judo-Jijitsu-Wrestling (80+ miles from your zip code)
540-387-4958 119 Front Ave, Salem, VA 24153

Hybrid Martial Arts Ctr (hope it's an MMA school, but who knows????)
540-345-8609 4323 Williamson Rd NW # A, Roanoke, VA 24012

Karate For Christ :tongue6:
304-732-7714 Route 97, Brenton,WV 24818 :tongue6:

^^^ that may explain the BJJ banning :tard: