If they make a movie about Johnson or Louis I hope that they don’t give it the “Hollywood” treatment and have it contain more fiction than fact. Cinderella Man and the Hurricane Carter movie were guilty of that.

Concerning Jack Johnson, in my collection of old fight films somewhere I have a short clip of him as an older man addressing an audience. He was surprisingly well spoken and articulate. He was more articulate than 95% of the pro athletes of today many/most of which are supposedly college educated yet often seem nearly incapable of formulating a coherent thought or a complete sentence when interviewed.

Too bad so little good footage of Johnson exists. About the only good clear films that I’ve seen of him (comparable in quality to the Gibbons/O’Dowd clip) is some sparring and shadow boxing clips. He looks very smooth and athletic in both something that is lost on the majority of the choppy fight films that are available.