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    Do You Think About Quitting?

    This question is mainly for people that have been training for a few years.

    I've been training for about 7 or 8 years. First with traditional MA's, and BJJ for the last couple of years. I've always considered myself pretty serious about training. I've always loved it. When I'm not doing it, I'm thinking about it or reading about it, or watching it on TV, or reading threads on this website.

    But something hit me a week or two ago. It was basically just out of the blue. I was at home, and I pulled my guitar out for the first time in a while. I was sitting there playing, and I thought to myself, "Hey, this is a hell of a lot of fun. I'd rather be doing this than training."

    So, I started thinking about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, and to make a long story short - I started thinking about not training anymore. It's not about laziness. I've dealt with that and I know that passes. But in the past, even when I felt lazy, I always WANTED to train. I've never questioned whether I WANTED to be training until now. I've questioned whether I wanted to be training the way I'm training, but never whether I wanted to be training at all.

    I turned 30 recently, and I don't know if my interests are just changing, or what. Anyway, I know that ultimately it is my decision whether I continue training or not. But I am curious to know if others who have been training for a few years have ever felt like this and how it turned out for you.

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    yeah, I'm 5 years in at 29, and I started to get a little burned out. Then I started to train for san shou. Then I broke my foot and had surgery. Now, I just want to be able to get back into shape and figure out if I go back to training or just doing it for leisure.

    (edit) sorry, I've got no real advice to give you, being in a similar boat and all
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    I thik you should do what it is thatmakes you feel happy. But, do it with the mindset that what decisions you make today, may have an impact on you tommorrow. I personally bothers me to quit thing. This is why I make my decisions wisely on the activities I choose. The exception would be: If I quit the current activity for a better one, a "trade up" that is fine.

    As you know, the choice is your's. And most choices are subjective. And I am sure you will make the right one. It would but the hell out of me to be close to getting a BB from a good instructor, good school an good system and stop anything less that that. Or when MA came up in conversation telling people I studied but stopped for "X" reason, and at "X" belt.

    For what it is worth,


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    I sometimes feel the same way. I'm 32 with 14 years in. I have found what works best for me when I start to feel like I don't want to train anymore is to either take a month or so off then go back and see if I feel the same way, or change my training regiment to something else that is kind of new and different.

    I did some grappling for a while but noticed that I got burned out on it very quickly and discovered that I just did not like doing it. I went back to doing MT and Kung fu and have been relatively content since. So much in fact that I have actually began grappling again once a week.

    Just try a couple changes in your routine, if you find that it doesn't help or after time off you come back and still don't feel like doing it, it might be time to find something else.

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    Are you training for competition, for fun or for health? Maybe just train less or change the focus.

    I enjoy training now more at 34 than I ever have.

    When training becomes work it's time to take a break

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    Strangely enough I live in the quilting capital of the world . So yes , I occasionaly think about quilting .
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    Welcome to the Thritysomething Club.

    As for training just like the guitar you might fight it fun again. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from something. As others have said life is short, you're not getting younger so enjoy it.
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    I'm 29 with 16 years in. I almost quit when we lost our daughter in December. However, I found that I needed training to keep my sanity.

    Perhaps you need to find another art in which to train. Liven it up a little. It's like changing up your weightlifting routine. Something has to motivate you to train--health, sanity (or lack thereof), competition, fun. You have to train with a purpose (or purposes).

    Best of luck.
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    You only have so many years before your body will stop cooperating and simply fail, leaving you cold at the bottom of a hole with a priest lamenting about how much you loved life (then comes the dirt). Keeping that in mind, you should only strive to do what you WANT to do. If you don't feel like doing MA now, then don't, and if you catch the itch sometime down the road, do it THEN.

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    Sounds like time for a break dude. We all needs breaks and temporary departures from one thing or another. That's how you recharge your mental batteries.

    It could also be that you are in your 30's ( as Asia said, welcome to the 30-something club :tongue3: ) That's when we all start re-evaluating the stuff we do or don't do - jobs, hobbies, relationships, etc. Plus, if you have been doing something for quite sometime, no matter how much you love it, your mind and body will ask you (or at least make you wonder) to take a break and see what else is out there.

    Go with the flow and see where it takes you :)
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