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Thread: Healing Arts

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    I decided I'd have a pretty avatar for a while.

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    Does this mean I'm not going to get those pictures of the dirty chi massages?

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    [gazes into mystical Condocockan crystal chi ball] All signs predict disappointment.
    You can of course alleviate all disappointments with our "Anti-disappointment Pack" Just 450 per hour.

    Condocockan... Mystical Snake Oil for the vapid and gullible.
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    ....vapid, gullible, and LOADED!!! In fact, I wanna be a condocon instructor. If I'm getting even L100 per hour, I'm making quite a bit of money. Where do I sign up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerAuslander108
    Nah, QuikFeet is right.

    Yellow Hat was being an Ass Hat by dismissing accupuncture on the whole instead attacking Sugarbritches claim.

    She claims that Accupuncture is the Asian equivalent of CPR. Instead of taking issue with the equivalency, Ass Hat went off on accupuncture, despite the fact that numerous studies have shown that accupuncture does seem to be a valid treatment for many things, such as chronic pain.
    I've read that accupuncture can be used to alleviate pain with moderate success. What else has it been shown to help? (Also -- do you have links?)

    I freely admit I know relatively little on accupuncture itself -- however, I've read more than a few studies -- and none of them showed Accupuncture to be effective for much of anything beyond mild pain control. I remeber one study that found that 'accupuncture' seemed to work for its patients regardless of where the needles were inserted.

    I doubt the studies covered everything, but I'd be interested in any material from the other side of the coin, if someone can point me to it.


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    So no happy ending?


    P.S. Acupuncture has been done-to-death on a "t3h deadly Dim Mak" thread somewhere. Basically, welcome to placebo with a bit of gate-theory to a tylenol #3.
    Why yes, I still have sand in my vagina! It is because I am a lying cowardly child who got buttfucked by MEANIE Doctor X! I also do not know the Latin and it makes me cry!!--Phrost

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    Just to balence things out as far as rip off is concerned, unless of course you believe all the endorsements. A RBSD organisation

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    Then again a related site

    Here you can really develop you skills.

    If you can pass Probation as a Knight Gentry, abide by the Code and Rules, pay your dues, remain a Knight in good standing your Knights of SCARS Lifetime Membership FEE of $20,000.00 will be 100% waived. That leaves only your yearly dues.

    That's right, you are reading this correctly. The full $20,000.00 Lifetime Membership Fee could be covered for ever!! All you'll need to do is take care of the basic yearly dues which cover 4 Three Day Knights events. That's 120 Hours a year of extreme training at a cost of less than $1000 per 3-days. That's well within anyone's pocket book! But this Sponsorship only happens once per person, and it will only happen for a limited time. So get your Sponsorship now!

    You see the Order wants to give everyone a chance. Any man single or married that has good money management skills can come up with $4,000 a year for the dues. But there are some that might be pressed to come up with $20K all at once. So Jerry and Blake along with the Knights have voted to allow this Sponsorship to take place for a limited time.

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    Here, I wanted to post another side of the coin for all to see:

    These are the rates going for Legends MMA Training Center -

    This is the complete opposite of the crapakon. We know who the trainers are and for those who don't know who the likes of Parisyan, Bravo, Rutten, etc are the information can easily be found. We have specific times of classes, specific prices of classes. Also we know what we are getting for the money we are spending in addition to the training and classes. It's all right there in plan view, something the cuntakon seems to have a problem with.

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