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    Ocean, New Jersey - Real fighting dojo

    Not much can be said about this place but "wow". It features inside of it a gym with free weights, machines, and medicine balls. Further in, the main gym area features Thai bags and heavy bags, with a wrestling mat to the left and a full-size ring to the right. Community equipment is available for newbies, such as shin pads, gloves (boxing and MMA style), kick pads, thai pads, focus mitts, and headgear. There is training and sparring virtually everyday, a lot of it isn't on the official schedule.

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    When you first walk into the gym you can tell REAL is a no joke facility. The facilities pretty much feature everything. Numerous treadmills and bikes in the cardio area, a complete workout area which features anything an aspiring athlete or fitness fanatic could ever dream of.

    It doesn't stop there though the trainers and students are top notch and extremely helpful. Each of the trainers are great in their respective arts and are more than willing to stay around and help you out if needed.

    Great place, you end up leaving like you made real progress every time you leave.
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