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    Madison Wisconsin - The Blast Martial Arts Academy

    Mike Vaughn is a very active and engaging instructor and puts a lot of focus on the growth of individual students. He's a young instructor and very into what he does so he's really good at motivating people to work harder.

    Vaughn is a Vunak student and really pushes the whole Progressive fighting systems in his classes which people may or may not be keen on. Personally I wasn't really into the RBSD nature of the JKD class or the RBSD mantra that made its way into the other classes since I have always been more interested in the sport side rather than the self defense side, but the muay thai and BJJ classes were straight forward enough that I still got a lot out of them.

    The muay thai class (things might've changed since I was there last since the school has evolved quite a bit in just the past months) in general is at a pace that is very friendly to beginners. When I started there each class would get me a moderate work out and had a fair amount of class time focusing on everyone getting all the basics of each technique down. The bulk of the classes were spent working with focus mitts and doing basic combinations and working a bit with thai pads. Classes seemed to go fast and end rather ubruptly due to the short class times ( classes usually ran about 50 minutes with a 6 minute warmup).

    The BJJ class I can't really say much about since I have very little training in the style and only attended a few classes there, but from what I observed, the class was mainly instructed by Mike himself who is a blue belt in BJJ or one of his students who at the time was a white belt (I think he may have recently gotten his blue belt). They did, however, have a very experienced MMA fighter instruct the BJJ class on a somewhat regular basis and the class would often be geared towards MMA (teaching strikes from mount, defending strikes etc.).

    Mike has a fight team which regularly competes in Modified muay thai rules kickboxing, and MMA events and from what I've seen does pretty well for themselves. Mike himself is an active competitor in MMA and muay thai and trains kickboxing under Duke Roufus in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Mike is a blue belt in BJJ under Marcello Montiero.
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