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    Looking for a jujutsu tournament in NE

    All said, Ive been studying grappling (mainly aikido and jujutsu, but with a little wrestling) for about a year now and am getting pretty good at it, but my school is a mix of karate, jujutsu and other arts all taught at the same place, and the tournaments that the teacher really has info on are the karate tournaments. Grappling works better for me, and I am at a point that I believe I am ready to compete seriously at, 'cause I can beat guys at my dojo who have 80 pounds on me, and regularly train with guys who are 50+ on me (Im only 150 lbs). My technique is pretty good, but I am having trouble finding tournaments, and I have googled and asked around.

    So can anyone tell me about any grappling tournaments that are going on in the next few months in the New England area, preferably in Massachusetts or rhode island or conneticut?

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    What school are you from?

    The best resource around is a site I run, MassMMA. http://massmma.net We list all the upcoming MMA shows and grappling shows. The tournament around here to look for is the Dragon Lair Challenge. Their site is http://wfl.tv . They run MMA shows too, but they have the most frequent local grappling tournament.

    After that, there is NAGA. Their site is http://nagafighter.com. They have a lot of tournaments in NJ, and come around like once or twice a year in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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    I think there's a Grapplers Quest, October 14 & 15 in New Jersey.

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    iCompete.org, this forum's namesake, should have listings of all the major events around the country/world.


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