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I read that push ups are at least good for your ab stabilisers. So for punching, it teaches the abs to stay firm while you endurance train your punching muscles. Try the "whell barrow" with a partner (they hold your legs at their hips). Your abs and obliques will burn as much as your arms.
That's funny you mention that because I've been doing some experimentation in how to hit the core muscles by using compound movements.

In that process, I've found one hand push ups to really hit the core as well as the hip flexors on the leg opposite to the hand being used. This is specially true if you do them to failure. The hip flexor and core gives up before the arm does.

Other exercises for the core are front squats and standing overhead presses, the later being done with a weight that allows you no more than 5 reps. There is a big difference between doing 10 standing overhead press reps or not being able to do more than 5 with overhead presses - the core and your torso end up bitching when you do the later.

And for quickers, do not grab the loaded bar from chest weight. Grab it from the floor, bring it to your quads, and then jerk it up to chest level, do the reps (with proper form of course), and then carefully bring it down. Your core will hate you and love you (use a fucking belt though.)