Muay Thai
Brazilian JuJitsu

1.) Amateur/Pro Fighters
2.) Honest
3.) No kids classes
4.) Cross Training and competition friendly
5.) Atleast 3 Classes a week

1.) unfinished facility
2.) Kind of Expensive for my area, with 3 classes a week
3.) A little too much to cover in 90 Minutes.

Classes were Tues/Thurs/Sat at varying times. classes were 90 minutes

Upon entering the place I found it unfinished, they had just moved into the building, and were still putting mats up, can't really bash them for that. They were honest, gave me a choice of watching or participating, so I obviously participated.

There were two instructors, I believe there names were Alex and Alfie, they had me sign a waiver, and paired me up with another new person.

They started off with a light warmup; neck rotations, dive bombers, a couple of jumping jacks, then we started off with the class.

First we did Striking. They went over the jab, cross, hook, and overhand right. After a few minute of drills and working on the finer points of pivoting the feet they started us on breakfalls. I knew the breakfalls from my hapkido days and then they taught us sprawling after about 10 minutes of Breakfalls/Sprawling drills next came ground. We learned different ground positions, being a noob they taught me mount, guard, and side control. Then we did a slow armbar drill and something else I honestly don't remember the name of. After that we did tying up an opponents arm and getting in the ground and pound. At the end of class the new student and I watched them do an open mat. The instructors grappled with the students, as well as Student vs. Student. All in all if I had never done Martial Arts before I would have learned a ton! I was really s