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    Vineland New Jersey - U S Martial Arts Academy


    1.) Friendly atmosphere
    2.) Large Facility
    3.) Morning and Afternoon Classes Mon-Fri
    4.) Great kids program

    1.) The highest level person who actually instructs is 3rd Dan. I believe the kid is like 20 years old. Yet its marketed that the person who instructs is 6th.
    2.) Low level adult class teenagers teaching kids classes.
    3.) Own and operate a shirt company out of the same facility.
    4.) Against training anywhere accept there own facility.
    5.) Kids summer camp, Tae Kwon Do birthday parties, and more.

    While this is probably one of the nicest Dojangs (facility wise) I have ever been to.

    Classes were monday - Friday, and a saturday morning sword class.

    Monday: Tae Kwon Do Forms, Kickboxing
    Tuesday: Sword,Tae Kwon Do Forms
    Wednesday: Hapkido(dead Training only), Kickboxing Sparring
    Thursday:Sword, Hapkido
    Friday: TKD sparring
    Saturday: Sword

    upon talking to the instructors, they have a firm belief in Chi. When asked about what they thought of Grappling and other different arts Quote:
    "If I don't want to goto the ground I won't let them take me there."

    Belt Test: This has to be the sorriest excuse for gaining a belt I've ever seen.
    The Master (who again, does not instruct) Sits at a table in full gi, watches forms, one step sparring, and hapkido techniques (aliveness is frowned upon). Then after all of this there is sparring (by my watch 5 minutes) then Board breaking.

    *They have created there own form of Kickboxing which I believe was called "KoYoHan Kong Po" which means "Calm Fear Kick Boxing"

    First Year Cost
    Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido
    1245$(includes uniform)
    Kick Boxing
    395 $(includes gloves)
    Haidong Kumdo
    870-1065$ (not sure if 195.00 went for this as well) (includes uniform and bokken)

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