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    Vineland New Jersey - Vineland Judo



    1.) Friendly
    2.) Honest
    3.) No kids classes
    4.) Cross Training and competition friendly
    5.) Emphasised effective Techniques and less emphasis on bullshit.

    1.) Small Facility
    2.) Not many people
    3.) Two Classes a week

    Classes were Tues/Thurs 6:30-8:00 Half Techniques, half sparring.

    This place wasn't too bad, Taught by a 6th Degree who introduced himself only as Ray, he told me his basic philosophy on things.

    Basically what he told me was that he felt Judo was useful for the street, against untrained attackers, against other martial artists you may have a problem. His classes were made up of 1/2 technique 1/2 sparring. He really emphasised sparring as an important part of training. Quote:
    You don't know if a technique works if you don't spar.
    He told me that he teaches no one under the age of 16, and he's not in it for the money. When asked about belt rank I was told "you fight for it."

    Although not too many people were in the class that day (maybe 4-5) there were enough people to get the job done. I noticed repition of technique was really stressed, during class, he had the people only doing two techniques that whole half of class. He allowed students to start from standing or ground during the sparring, then let them take it from there. Crosstraining was encouraged, Competition also.

    All in all it was a cool experience...If I had been looking for a Judo class I surely would have signed up.

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    Ray is a 8 time national and has trained some very good fighters.Al Buck (Caged Fury Lightweight champ),Dan Dixon Ranked #2 purple belt BJJ (graplers quest) just to name a couple.My only beef with this club is the two classes week leave you seeking other scools to fill your training schedule. All in all this club has produced some of the best fighters in NJ and is second to none.


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