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    Vineland New Jersey - Okinawan Goju Ryu Karatedo


    Goju Ryu

    1.) Cleanest Dojo i've ever seen
    2.) Friendly
    3.) Students in shape
    4.) Weapons training

    1.) Not many people to work with
    2.) Kata
    3.) Somewhat dead training

    Upon entering into the Dojo I found two students, a second degree, and a first degree blackbelt. Both were brandishing bo staffs and were talking, as they had shown up early for the advanced class. "Did you see in that free newspaper they give out at the supermarket, the 12 year old blackbelt on the front page" they both started laughing. I appreciated that greatly. After some more chatter they started warming up.

    They started doing Bo Staff kata, then Tonfa, Then Nunchuk, then Sai. I had stumbled onto the advanced class, and I learned that the adult class had 8 people in it. They train a lot of weapons, but teach the previously stated 4 mainly. I saw a rack of weapons, including a boat oar which they had a kata for. The instructor(seen above) had called and said he was running late. When he finally got there, about 8 pm, He started them off with weapons kata. The 2nd degree impressed me, everything he did was crisp and had snap to it when need be. The black belt seemed recently promoted(not very impressive, but again he seemed like he just became one). There had been a brown belt who entered as well, and seemed like a "this is something to do post retirement" kind of guy.

    After about an hour of Kata, they did a half hour of some dead step sparring, and some "live" step sparring. I'm pro aliveness, so this seemed kinda boring to me.

    After the class I talked with the instructor, and he said "What you see is what you get" And welcomed me to come to a normal class, i'll post again when I can make it to one.

    Unfortunately this is about the jist of what I learned there, in the two hours I spent.

    First Year Cost
    Twice a Week
    715 $ (With Gi)
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    Hey, what was the instructor's name, and what organization do they belong to?

    I ask because I did Goju in college and am curious about schools near philadelphia.



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