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    Vineland New Jersey - Art in Motion Karate


    Tang Soo Do
    Shaolin Ke(n/m)po
    Sticky Hands Kung Fu
    Practical Self Defense

    1.) Honest
    2.) Friendly
    3.) Approves of cross Training
    4.) Makes you work
    5.) No Kata/Poomse

    1.) Not many people to work with
    2.) Small training area

    Class Times were Mon-Fri

    7:30-8:45, and Fridays 7:30-9:00

    This has to be one of the coolest places I have been. Although the only people who where there for the class were a single student and I, also the instructor Eric King I found this place full of character. Here's how the training went.

    The instructor had me come in a little early to get to know about me a little bit, we had talked on the phone for a moment, and he asked me a few questions regarding my previous training. He basically asked me why I left my old Dojang, and what I want out of Martial Arts. He seemed very into whats right for me, I told him if I had decided to take his classes(I don't really plan to but keeping it open for the future) that I would be cross training Muay Thai. He told me, in so many words it might not be the best to take his art and Muay Thai. It showed me he wasn't all about the money. But onto the training.

    Class started out with some light stretching, and some light cardio. Then he decided to get us into some drills. We started out with a drill he called mirror image. Basically the student and I both mirrored each others movements with switching, ducking, moving side to side and what have you. Next we evolved the drill so to speak into a hit the target, then a stick and move, then into some pad work. Next we did a knife drill, where the opponent had a spear hand on your stomach, and you avoided it and blocked it as much as possible I don't know how practical this is but it was actually kind of fun. After that we did a bob and weave drill, ducking hooks, and then having the partner call out "1..2..3." significant to the number of times we would jab, cross, hook the focus mitt. After a few more similar drills we did some very light sparring. I have to say he really took an emphasis on timing, and using the correct techniques at the right times. I would have liked to spar harder but I really can't say if they do or not because it was an intro class.

    After class we had a chat about other schools in the area, what I was looking for in training, and basically what I plan to do with this art in my life. He said work ethic in this area is very different from where he comes from (california) and that out of his students he currently has one black belt, and that he assured me his place wasn't a black belt factory.
    All in all I'm convinced this place is not Bullshido, McDojo maybe, but not bullshido.

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    Good for Art In Motion!

    Thanks for your kind works about Art In Motion Karate. I'm pretty sure that if you wanted to spar a little harder it could be done. I know that insurance is a big problem for the schools; but if we can meet at your place and a waver can be signed we can go a little harder then what we did we you came in for the intro.

    Like I stated that day I believe in what I teach and I stand behind it because I know first hand from growing up in the streets that it will work!

    From time to time some of the students look forward to putting their skills to the test; but like I said insurance...

    You no where we can be [email protected]; and if not...www.ArtInMotionKarate.com or (856) 563-0100 ask for Master King.

    Thanka again and God Bless!

    Oh, and P.S. we are also No McDojo either just not so traditional!


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