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Hi there

I'm looking at similar surgery/fusion so I'm interested to hear how you get on. I hope it all goes well for you. You write that you hope to get back to training post-op. I've been told that I can forget about practising karate after I have my surgery as I could undo any good that results from the op. I'd be keen to hear from others who have undergone this procedure and whether or not they have been able to train.
Either way, I wish you all the best for your operation and sincerely hope that you do indeed get back to training. Please keep me posted.
What you can do afterwards depends on the condition of your back among other things.
My doctor said I could do contact in spring he would prefer I wait till summer.

The thing hardest to do after surgery for me was twisting motion.
i.e. Punching, Kicking, Shrimping.
That is coming back, also overall fitness and flexibility suffer for awhile.
Not being able to stretch has hurt me a little, but that too has started coming around.