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    Get a two-on-one as in the squeeky voiced wrestling video. Lock their arm out straight and Drive your shoulder down on theirs to bend them over. Then jump up and trap their arm with your rear leg and roll into the reverse omoplata.

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    YOu might not have the upper body control you need - I know when I started, I couldn't do **** because my natural inclination was to try to muscle the guy my shoving his sholder back . . . this has the effect of getting you out at the ends of their arms . . . now I try to suck them in by bending my arms and moving laterally on the mat, looking to create a kind of whirlpool effect with them as the water and me as the middle. You might also do your throws the same way every time, ie you basically have a huge "tell" like tensing up or holding your breath...or always aggressing from the same side (that's mine) that makes you easier to counter then you should be.

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    I'll act like this video is related to the discussion so I can post it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hedgehogey
    More helpful stuff:


    If you're fighting a stiff-armed posture, these are essential, it seems. It took me a while to get the hang of snapping with the russian, turning back to pummel, snapping the other way, etc., but once I got to where I needed to be, Tani Otoshi and Yoko Gake are not far behind, (I am usually entering yoko gake deeper so if he high steps I can dive and scissor throw the other leg).
    Hmmm, what exactly do you mean by Russians???
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    Shoulder snapping out of a necktie and capturing the arm is the accepted definition, but here I am using it to mean any time you redirect a stiffarm using a shouldersnap, as I used this to enter yoko gake.

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    O soto gari should be rear corner, not straight back. That is the reason most people have problem with it.
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