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    Haha that is a funny picture! I can't believe this thread is this old, time flies.

    Since they took the Google one down...
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    If someone hit my wife as i was talking down the road it would only take a tenth of a second for me think that i was being robbed or they were trying to rape her, and instantly flip out and **** them both up.

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    for real, im suprised by how kind he was.

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    I saw this video a long time ago and thru some reading found some insight into what happened.

    The two guys standing there are running a scam (gypsies). They basically stand there bullshitting with each other until someone comes by. At that moment, the man hit the woman, making it seem like an accident so the male would react, hopefully in more of a, "Hey! wtf man!" kind of way. They would then kick his ass and rob both of them. It just didnt unfold as they had planned.

    The guy who was recording had seen this common event (as did the boxer) before and recorded it. The boxer reacted well and I'm happy to see two thugs get what they deserve.

    Fucking gypsies.

    edit: as for fighting 2vs1 or 1vs2. In my gym we would often spar like this, it isnt as hard as it is exausting. I did however find it strangely difficult to be part of the pair vs 1. As the jumpee it was very easy to feint one and sucker punch the hell out of #2. As one of the jumpers, I was always very aware of that possibly happening to me.

    I'm probly the only person who's actually punched two women (fighters) at the same exact time.
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