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    Huzzah for my local running store

    Track Shack

    After 4 months of being in a cast from a Jones fracture, I was finally able to take my own advice and go to my local running store.

    I went there fully expecting to be soaked for $150+ running shoes, which I figured I would just buy online after the first time.

    I told them that I was still recovering from surgery, and I need another 2-3 months before I can start heavy impact again, but I am cleared for the gym, and need a good shoe for walking, and eventually back to the roadwork. The guy measured my foot, looked at the wear pattern on my old shoes (one of which was the only shoe I wore for the last 4 months), and he had me walk and run to measure my gait.

    He came out with 2 shoes, 1 pair of New Balance, which were way too soft, and a pair of Asics Gell 1100 Size 13 2E. I've always bought 12 wides or 13's.

    The Asics did the trick, and for only $80. They also said my shoes were about a year too old, which probably lead to the stress fractures that lead to the break.

    Moral of the story: Get your shoes fitted properly.

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    Running store people are usually the best for shoe-fitting.

    Sportsmart/SPorts Authority are usually the worst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isol8d
    Moral of the story: Get your shoes fitted properly.
    I just picked up a pair of running shoes today and while they were moderately pricey I did learn something aobut how I walk. It turns out that I'm not the overpronator which I thought I was, I mildy supinate and it's the fact that I walk with my feet slightly splayed that causes the inside edge of my shoes to waer our fast.

    I can tell my knees are going to benefit from this information greatly. Thank you running shoe store people,


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