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    Cholesterol Theory Complete Sham

    There are 18 Clinical Dietary Intervention Trials conducted to date on the Coronary Heart Disease/Saturated Fat issue

    All 18 Clinical Dietary Intervention Trials have COMPLETELY FAILED to reduce Coronary Heart Disease mortality from the use of saturated fat restriction.

    Go to a Medical University library and look it up for yourselves. Confirm it yourselves

    Anthony Colpo prints out EVERY SINGLE one of these 18 Clinical Trials , results and all and explained in detail.

    The Women's Health Initiative 2006 is the most recent one to expose this untenable theory.

    The Cholesterol Theory although compltely lacking in scientific basis behind it thrives due to

    * It is hugely profitable

    * It is politically corrcet

    * Researchers harm their livelihoods when they speak out against it

    You would be PURPLE with anger if you knew how this theory has NO SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT BEHIND IT.




    The NHLBI also lied about the Framingham Heart Study

    HERE ARE REAL RESUTLS "After age 50 11 % overall and 14 % CVD death rate INCREASE per 1 ml DROP in cholesterol"



    Lyon Diet Heart Study - one of the 18

    www.lowcarbmuscle.com/forums/showthread.php?t=111&highlight=lyon+diet+heart+stu dy


    HUMAN atherosclerosis is MAINLY comprised of FIBROUS SCAR TISSUE and SMOOTH MUSCLE CELLS like a SCAB

    HUMAN atherosclerotic lesions contain very little fats and very cholesterol. Out of the small percentage of fats that HUMAN atherosclerosis does contain


    *55-60 % of persons who have had heart attacks had LOW TO NORMAL levels of LDL lipoprotein

    *Veins NEVER become sclerotic, and they have the same amount of "cholesterol" going through them as do the arteries.

    *ONLY ARTERIES become sclerotic, particulary the Coronary Arteries, which are also EXPOSED TO THE GREATEST SHEER BLOOD PRESSURE FORCE.

    Cholesterol is cholesterol. It is ONE SUBSTANCE. HDL and LDL are lipoproteins. They are literally cholesterol's "cars" .

    The distinction between these 2 lipoproteins as "good " or "bad" is a COPMPLETE HOAX.

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    A much publicized 1955 report on artery plaques in soldiers killed during the Korean War showed high levels of atherosclerosis, but another report—one that did not make it to the front pages—found that Japanese natives had almost as much pathogenic plaque—65% versus 75%—even though the Japanese diet at the time was lower in animal products and fat.4

    A 1957 study of the largely vegetarian Bantu found that they had as much atheroma—occlusions or plaque buildup in the arteries—as other races from South Africa who ate more meat.5

    A 1958 report noted that Jamaican Blacks showed a degree of atherosclerosis comparable to that found in the United States, although they suffered from lower rates of heart disease.6

    A 1960 report noted that the severity of atherosclerotic lesions in Japan approached that of the United States.7

    The 1968 International Atherosclerosis Project, in which over 22,000 corpses in 14 nations were cut open and examined for plaques in the arteries, showed the same degree of atheroma in all parts of the world—in populations that consumed large amounts of fatty animal products and those that were largely vegetarian, and in populations that suffered from a great deal of heart disease and in populations that had very little or none at all.8

    All of these studies pointed to the fact that the thickening of the arterial walls is a natural, unavoidable process. The lipid hypothesis did not hold up to these population studies, nor did it explain the tendency to fatal clots that caused myocardial infarction.
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    Read about some of that stuff here: http://www.second-opinions.co.uk/cho...ol_myth_1.html
    It's got much the same facts, but broken down so simple people like myself can understand it.

    You can find another hundred different "facts" out there that are propagated the same way about our nutrition.


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    This is all fine and dandy but in none of those studies did they show alternative reasons for death due to CHD.

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    Hey guys, how do I get rid of my bad cholestoral and get my good cholesterol up? I already eat healthy and diet. What pill should I ask my doctor about? After all, why would he know?


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