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    Great example of how you can't judge a school as a McDojo simply by the website, which happens all the time here.

    Looking at his site (kids, fitness aspect, pretty girls) I would never take the place seriously, simply because I don't know Master Toddy. Sounds like I would have been wrong.

    Just goes to prove some schools may look like crap (BTW, nothing wrong with an instructor trying to make a living in my book) but be the real deal as far as MA training.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asriel
    Yes he is legit. Master's Toddy, Sken and two others who's names I can't remember, think one of them may be Master A came to the UK in the 70's and are credited with having brought Muay Thai to the UK.

    well said, the other 2 masters were, Master Woody, and Master Krin. Master A came later, he's Master Toddy's brother. Master Sken has spent nearly 30yrs teaching & giving demos, and putting on shows in the UK. He woulda killed Chuck Liddell when he was in his 30's. Do a google and see some of his clips he's got a student now who's had 300 fights in Lumphini and he said when he sparr's we master Sken, it's like starting as a beginner

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