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    Working my way back to health supporting member
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    Injury magnet
    Fractured left wrist - Football (breaking my fall instead of break fall) Teen
    left ankle sprain twice in a half cast 2 weeks - Basketball - 15 years ago
    right ankle sprain once in half cast 2 weeks - basketball - 15 years ago
    torn ligament right shoulder - incorrect form in weight room - 13 years ago
    torn right hamstring - Tennis (shaddup - I won the point)
    left knee - current
    - torn miniscus - KungFu kicking
    - swells constantly probably burcitus (sp.)
    right knee - same symptoms as left not diagnsed yet - current
    right rib popped - BJJ blue (I understand this happens alot) not big deal but good leason about position.
    back herniated disc 10mm L5 S1 - Degenerative all activity contributed - current

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    Ruptured penis.

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    I moved this thread out to this forum so it could be posted on.

    The Injury Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neildo
    Holy ****, all the way through?

    I had a tree branch go into my leg. Nice scar after 15 years.
    All the way through. The funny thing was that I didn't feel any pain. The Doc said it was probably a combination of shock and having a huge section nerves ripped out.

    It was also hilarious to see the look on people's facing when they would ask "What happened?" and I'd say, "Oh nothing, just got a little carried away masturbating."
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    I separated my shoulder a little while back which put me out for about 13 weeks. That is NOT a dislocation:

    "A shoulder separation occurs where the clavicle and the scapula come together. The end of the scapula is called the acromion, and the joint between this part of the scapula and clavicle is called the acromioclavicular joint. When this joint is disrupted, it is called a shoulder separation. Another name for this injury is an acromioclavicular joint separation, or AC separation."

    Couldn't lift my arm up for 6 or 7 weeks. That was fun. After about 13 weeks I started lifting light weights again and it's basically fine now. Buggered up my training though! I did it at judo.. got thrown, couldn't breakfall and landed on my shoulder with a fairly heavy dude on top of me. Didn't hurt too much at the beginning but it got bad!

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    bent (well the fucker who kicked me bent it) my left knee 90 degrees sideways in 2001, that was fun for all of no seconds..

    currently recovering from shoulder op after having a partially dislocated shoulder for 3 months or so following a fight at work.

    and no, its no like in leathal weapon

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    I got my sternum partial dislocated in a schoolyard fight in 8th grade...that fucking sucked. Still aches sometimes.

    A retrograde concussion complete with brain damage after an Olympic TKD match.

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    Sandbagged BJJ white belt
    Wow, I can tell I'm really playing it safe when I read your guys stuff. My worst one was a huge swelling around my ribs. It happened when I was single legging a guy who tried to pull guard. I fell with my ribs on his knee. It hur to even breathe for about a week. No idea what the term for it is though. I just took time off training for three weeks and it went away. Does not begin to compare to having a branch go through your fucking hand. How did that happen?
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    Couple years ago, tore my acl in a riding accident.
    Year ago, broke 2 bones in my foot.
    Couple weeks back, I folded my ankle in half, climbing over a fence at the barn. Uh, don't know what's wrong with it ... it's still swollen, but it never bruised. Didn't go to the hospital, I was scared they'd tell me not to ride/play, and I'm on a soccer/horseback riding scholarship.
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    Wrestling, Sub Grappling
    List of wrestling injuries I can remember at the moment:

    Cracked Clavical Growth Plate ( I forget which side, but one of the knobs where it connects to my sternum is lower than the other. Not sure which one is at the right place. High School.)
    Seperated Both Shoulders (One in high school, the other in college)
    Hyperextended Knee (Summer Camp During High School years)
    Water on the Knee (College)
    Strained Both Hip Flexors (Not at the same time, but one was still strained when I strained the other one. College.)
    Subluxated Shoulder (College. To a powerhalf.)
    Something to my ankle that caused me to wear an ankle brace for the rest of the season.
    Strained Both Rotator Cuffs (One in High School, once in College in a match, and once during a live match in practice. My shoulders are rotten now.)
    Jammed thumbs every season.

    Not an really an injury, but I had a staph infection on my temple. That hurt like a ************.

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