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    Quote Originally Posted by dweeb
    The "phase trainings" in Krav Maga are what the instructor trainings are called. I disagree with a previous poster who said that someone going into Phase A needed NO former knowledge in KM. Passing phase A allows you to teach the yellow belt level. Phase B, the orange, and Phase C, the green. You are not a fully certified instructor until you pass all three. Each Phase training is usually 7 days long and costs around $500 (not including personal expense). Normally, the first three days or so are a review of the material you are to be tested over. The next three are reviews of newer material that you will be learning later. The last day, #7, is test day. Each day is 8 to 10 hours long and very intense. There is normally about a 20% failure rate. If you fail, you can go through the same phase all over for free. When you go through Phase training, the instructors are not there to teach it to you. They are there see you do it, critique it, and test you on it. There is also a teaching test as well as the physical test. If you fail either one, you fail the entire test. Between A & B there is normally a 3 month wait between tests in order to learn and clean up the new material. Between B & C there is normally a 6 month waiting period. The periods are longer between sessions. And black is by invitation only.

    And I also disagree with the statement about the majority of KM being taught at ATA schools. ATA had an agreement with Darren Levine's organization that if they had an instructor that had passed the necessary training (just like everyone else), they could teach KM at their facility. I have heard many complaints about many of the ATA schools, however, I went through Phase B and C with several ATA guys and they were tough. And they were not cut any slack.

    The chief instructor for Krav Maga DFW is a brown belt. At that level he is able to teach brown material but only grade through blue. His was one of the first KM schools in Texas. He has completed the Black Belt material, but like he says in his bio, due to his age and other health related reasons, he will not take the black belt test. That test is gruelling and is mainly sparring. They continuously throw fresh partners in to fight you. There is currently only 1 black belt in Texas.

    If I was looking for a KM school, I would want at least a fully (Phase C) certified instructor who has been in KM at least 5 years. Just because they have not been certified to teach higher material does not mean they have not learned it. It only means that they have not been to L.A. to be tested.

    You very seldom here KM instructors talk bad about another system. We consider KM just another tool. Most of us enjoy BJJ and other mixed martial arts. Bas Rutten often comes by the National Training Center to shoot the bull. Amir Perets, one of the chief instructors works with Bas and used to corner for him.

    Mr. Browning -- As for as the Certified Levels, I am not positive. I believe that a certified Level 1 instructor signifies someone who has passed A, B, & C. Level 2 is Blue and Brown (also known as the "expert series"). Level 3 and above is Black. Again, I am not positive on this description.

    I apologize for the long post. I will be happy to anwer any other question if you will drop me a PM.
    What if an instructor is self promoted to "5th dan" in a system they invented called IASDS? Is that a good school to join?

    I found this awesome Hurst..with Tiger Klay. Any suggestions?

    Man, I wish I would have found this thead about a year ago. I kind of wish jack would have found this about 1.5 years ago. I'm just surpised how outside of all of this l'onis is...

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