This is nothing earth-shattering, just a variation I have been trying, which may help those with limited training time.

For those of you familiar with Burpees, these are basically squat thrusts with an added pushup at the bottom of the movement and a jump at the top. These are killer for conditioning, and work more areas of the body than normal cardio exercises. Plus, they are sort of related to the fight game since you will be required to get off the floor in a hurry.

Latelt I've been experimenting with a new type of burpee, more specific to Judo in order to condense training time and concentrate on the sport aspects, rather than just cardio.

The basic premise is to do sets of one regular burpee, then follow up with one rear breakfall, back to back, continuously in regular burpee timing. This works on the abs and legs in a different angle than the burpee does, and continues to drill breakfall techniques.

I'm going to experiment more with doing sets with side breakfalls in addition; however, as of now this has had the added problem of forcing one to remember which breakfall is coming after each burpee. This added concentration somewhat throws off the cardio. Also, folks don't normally "leap" in the air after a breakfall . . .

So, rather than drill in poor muslce memory, some sort of activity to replace the leap was required. Thoughts include throwing in an a throw drill at the end, which has the added benefit of causing a complete about face and a little movement. Also, rolling front breakfalls ending with a seio nage drill [don't hold me to the Japanese speling] at the end would accomplish the same.

These added movements between each burpee spices up an other wise boring exercise, and continue to drill specific movements. The end goal is to perform these in time equivalent to rounds in your particular fight sport.

Again, not trying to share something monumental, just an idea I've been trying.

And no, I will NOT videotape and post my fatass doing these.:bootyshak
Despite how much fun it would be to make fun of me.