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    Woke up with Pain between shoulders. HELP!


    I work up this morning with a small pain between my shoulder blades. I've only hurt my back once in my life and it was a year ago. Same place though. IT cleared up after 2 days.

    The night before I only did about: 45 minutes of bag work. 2 Sets of 40 pushups. 2 sets of 60 leg raises. Nothing too bad.

    I don't know if I slept wrong, but it feels like its to the right of the spine. Standing Straight up is uncomfortable, and so is sitting (sucks becuase I have desk job)

    Has anyone had a pain like this before? I hoping it will work it's self out in a day.
    Is it possible to work or stregthen those muscles? Do I need to do Yoga, buy a medicine ball? I'd like to prevent this from happening again if possible.

    Thanks for any input anyone can give.

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    I get something like that from time to time. Yes it sucks, though it tends to pass after a couple days, a fistful of ibuprophen and some stretching.

    Seems to come after doing too many pushups (relative to my level of conditioning).

    Or doing them too deeply. I used to do pushups using 20# dumbells, which let me drop my body farther, but that started pinching that muscle between my shoulder blades, so I stick with normal ones now.

    The stretches that seem to ease the pinch involve rounding my shoulders forward while stretching my arms straight ahead of my body.

    Sorry, that's all I've got for ya.

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    sounds like you could have a muscle strain. It could be due to a muscular imbalance. Punching and pushups are "pushing" exercises... you need to compliment them with equal amounts of pulling exercises (pullups, rows) so that the muscles in the back balance out the muscles in your front.

    Also maybe it's because I'm 220, but a set of 40 pushups in a row without rest seems like quite a lot. I would recommend smaller sets.

    But right now you need to heal the injury you have. Ice for 20 minutes on/off for the next two days, then apply moist heat for the rest of the week... Either hot showers or microwaving a wet towel. Don't do any more exercise until the pain is gone or you will further agravate the strain.

    If you can, see a physical therapist, who will treat it with Electrical stimulation and heat it internally with ultra sound in addition to giving you stretching exercises you can do to regain your full range of motion.

    Ive just gotten over one of these sort of injuries, and due to not properly resting it I turned what should have been a week long healing period into something that took nearly a month to heal. Don't do what I did!

    Best of luck!

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