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    If you want to discuss TKD, there is a whole forum for that. Stick to the topic here.

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    So while the question of the ninja and Takamatsu is still open, the odds are not so much against him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soju_King View Post
    bujinkan nut riders are so amusing

    when i was at combatives school. out of all the soldiers who have some kinda prior martial arts training

    it was the ninjers who suked the most an cried, whined,an got beat up durin fighting lol.

    i sure as hell hope i dont have any of those Naruto LARPers

    in my unit when i go back to Iraq
    First of all, I did in fact do some training with the Bujinkan years ago, I was very disappointed with some of the things I have seen. The majority of most of these guys are what I would call rein actors.... They are not trained in any way to deal with the reality of what you are about to see.
    They do have some guys that have had military experience, however few and far between. They do not like MMA in any way, and if you seem to know something which dos not fit into there training you will probably be asked to leave. Blade work seems to be one of them. In the Filipino stile that is the norm of what we do. Most of these guys really don't know haw to handle a sword. I went to a seminar a couple of years ago with a top Bujinkan instructor, the majority of students I meet never touched a sword before, but had 1,2,5 deg black belts. I thought this was odd.
    the swords were unclean, just laying around in the dojo, some un polished and the sayas were dingy and un polished, this would never be allowed in Japan.

    I did see some of these ninja guys in the Philippines last year, and they wanted to demonstrate the system. So about 13 of these Filipino Marines wonted to see it work, most of these guys had bolos they shave with on there belt. They don't play games....
    the demo lasted about until the Marines finished lunch.
    The sad part is after lunch, the ninja's they got gone, and no body to buy the beer....... and the Marines really wanted to see it work.
    They could have a least stayed and bough the beer.
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