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    You should give the Machado's a call, I here they are quite excellent at sandbagging!

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    You're making this too complicated.
    What You Need:
    A big Bag (a canvas duffle bag from a military surplus store or the shell of an old boxing bag. I'm currently using the shell of an old 40 lb boxing bag.)
    50 - 100 pounds playground sand from a local home improvement store
    2 rolls Duct Tape
    approx. 30 one gallon zip lock bags
    Rope (like old rapelling rope or manilla rope)

    Fill one gallon zip lock bags 1/2 - 3/4 full, so the sand can slide around a bit. You want little packets not a bunch of rocks. Duct tape the zip top and seams. Place zip lock bag inside another zip lock bag. Completely cover in duct tape.

    Place as many sand packets into your heavy canvas bag to desired weight. Go have fun.

    Tie a rope to the bag to take it for a drag, or swing it overead like giant flail, or as handles if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEGALEF
    I'm getting bored with all my pull-up variations and looking into putting together some sort of heavy, shapeless object to throw around. Does anyone have any tips for what kind of bag to get, what to fill it with and where to get it?
    I got myself a good ol' cargo bag for $15 from the local millitary surplus store. I used to just fill that with sand, and change it whenever I needed to increase the weight. This got to be a bitch, so I started filling smaller bags with sand, bags that were a set weight, then put thoes in the bag. Keep a few extra smaller bags at home with a set weight, and whenever you need to increase the weight quickly (different exercises) you can do so without having to **** around.

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    What you will need:

    Army duffel bag, heavy bag shell, or pretty much any large bag that can stand up to a lot of punishment

    Playground sand can usually be found at Lowe's, Home Depot, or any other home improvement store.

    Get a few rolls of duct tape while you're there.

    Grab some big, heavy duty, ziplock style bags at the grocery store(how many depends on how much sand you bought and how much sand you want per bag)

    Instructions: Pour however much sand you want to use into a ziplock bag. Close the bag(Obvious of course but I work with some stupid people so this is habit). Place the sand filled bag inside another ziplock bag and wrap them with duct tape. Repeat until out of sand or you have as much as you want. Put these into the duffel bag and proceed to duct tape the **** out of it.

    Now go throw it around for about and hour and wake up sore the next day. Repeat final step as desired:toothy5:

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