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    I went, it was cool, I need a few more days to write my article, but quickly, here are the results from the Adrenaline website some comments.

    1. Chris Peak def. Marcus Hicks via Kimura - R1
    Peak looked as if he might be overpowered early, and even after he locked in the Kimura on Hicks it still took a good minute for Hicks' arm to tire out enough to submit him.

    2. Adam Lynn def. Garrett Davis via TKO (Towel) - R3
    Lynn shut down Davis' attempts at takedowns and strikes and eventually overwhelmed him with strikes, the ref was stopping it as the towel flew in.

    3. Roy Doepker def. Mike Marshalleck via Referee Stoppage (Strikes) - R1
    This was unfortunately a VERY short fight, I say unfortunate because a stoppage similar to Sak/Silviera #1 happened Marshalleck got punched, went for a takedown and the ref thought he went out...I wouldn't say it was the ref's fault, he was acting on what he saw as a KO. Just an unfortunate set of circumstances.

    4. Greg Murdock def. Jeremy Humphrey via Referee Stoppage (Strikes) - R1
    Murdock dominated from the beginning, dropped Humphrey once, but Humphrey recovered quickly, then dropped him again and finished him.

    5. Baz Cunningham def. Paul Forde via Unanimous Decision
    Baz, one of my instructors, just dominated in every round grounding and pounding his way to victory as well as landing some good shots standing, Forde was really tough and just wouldn't give up, even after repeated forearms to the face.

    6. Cory MacDonald def. Danny Dlask via Unanimous Decision
    Macdonald was amazing in this fight, afterward he said "What can I say? I'm a machine." and that's what he should be called, the Machine, because I have NEVER, EVER in ANY match seen someone get locked into an armbar FIVE times and not tap, he was like the Energizer bunny, he kept going and going. Dlask tried everything he could and just got hurt, he couldn't capitalize on a rear mount with hooks in...

    7. Linda Langerak def. Kim Forsyth via Kimura - R1
    This was pretty quick, Kim dominated on the feet, Langerak pulled guard and submitted her.

    8. Kalib Starnes def. Wayne Atkinson via Rear Naked Choke - R1
    Went back and forth quickly and ended, just as quickly.

    9. Jody Ingalls def. John Punt via Referee Stoppage (Strikes) - R1
    Jody is who I used to train under, he smothered Punt's attempts at turning it into a ground battle, pounding Punt from Punt's guard then it moved back to the feet and he floored Punt with a punch and followed with a few more on the way down, it ended with 18 secs left in the round.

    10. Jason MacDonald def. Ulysses Castro via Rear Naked Choke - R2
    Castro DOMINATED the first round, absolutely beat the crap out of Macdonald, but also had his arm damn near torn OFF by repeated keylocks from Macdonald...at the end of round 1 Macdonald must have had a sore face and ribs and Ulysses must either have a rubber shoulder or a dislocated one but going into round 2 he was fatigued and lost because of that in my opinion, if his cardio had been better he would have beaten Macdonald into a pulp IMO.

    11. Chris Brennan def. Jason St. Louis via Arm Bar - R1
    St. Louis did well with strikes early but Brennan soon clinched and ran him into the ropes to smother his striking, then it went to the ground and ended fairly quickly however Brennan did have some trouble locking in a submission.

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