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    Quote Originally Posted by OneManArmy
    I'm not so sure, and I'm assuming because jujutsu is the Samurai art.
    Do they briefly teach how to use a Japanese sword in jujutsu?
    I'd also like to know about the spear, or the bo.
    As I sit here eating pixy stix I debated answering your question. I almost didn't because you do wing chun. But alast I will.

    If you are looking to learn Japanese sword there are plenty of schools that do so. If you are looking for japanese fencing do Kendo if you want real japanese swordsman look for a Ko Ryu school. Shinkage Ryu is popular (take a look on

    Now Jujutsu is included in Bujutsu (war arts). if find a bujutsu school, they will taech you everything form jujutsu to sojutsu. However, a standard "jujutsu" school will not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Gwinn
    I don't get it. What's wrong with One Man Army?
    OMA(tm) is one of the premier trolls on

    also the first rule of OMA(tm) is that we don't talk about OMA(tm)

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