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    BJJ, MT, Yoga
    Monday Night
    1 hour fight class
    1 hour Krav

    Tuesday Afternoon
    1.5-2 Hours BJJ

    Tuesday night
    1 hour serrada or 1 hour Krav

    Wednesday night
    1 hour cario (sometimes)
    1 hour Krav

    (sometimes one hour Krav, sometimes BJJ, usually a night off)

    1.5-2 hours vale tudo (starting next week)

    1.5 Hours Krav
    1 Hour serrada

    I miss some classes sometimes because of previous engagements, but this is what i usually do/strive for

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    Chinese Boxing
    Shouldn't this be in the training section Jamoke?

    Go away I'm talking to myself

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    Here's my "training regimen" currently, although I'm constantly upgrading it as I become aware of new knowledge:

    I. Food
    A. Pyramid
    1. Bottom
    a. Lean Proteins
    b. Healthy Fats & EFA's
    c. High Fiber, Low GI Carbs
    2. Middle: Fresh Fruits & Fresh Vegetables
    3. Middle/Top: Saturated Fats
    4. Top: Sweets / High GI Carbs
    B. Workout
    1. Before: Low GI Carbs
    2. After: High GI Carbs
    "Muscle Building Nutrition & Bodybuilding Supplements Review":

    II. Free Weights: Mon/Wed/Fri
    A. Blocks: 2 wks
    1. 15 reps
    3. 10 reps
    5. 5 reps
    6. 5RM
    7. Rest
    B. Workout: 2 sets
    1. Squat
    2. Deadlift
    3. Bench Press
    4. Row
    "Hypertrophy-Specific Training : : Official Home of HST":

    III. Heavy Bag: Tue/Thu
    A. Arm
    1. Palm
    2. Elbow
    3. Knuckles
    B. Leg
    1. Heel
    2. Knee
    3. Shin
    "Joe Lewis - Karate & Kickboxing Legend":

    Any and all criticism is welcome :)

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    Moving to the PT forum.

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    weights:two week cycle
    Monday-bench press 3x5 pyramid;side delt raise 1 set of 10 reps

    Friday-deadlift 1x6 pyramid,blg. up to heavy single,not nec. a max....shrugs 100 lb. db's, as many reps as I can get usually 55-60;alternate between dumbell presses and pulley pullovers-one set 10 reps

    Wednesday:squat sled 50 reps,leg extension 20 reps,leg curl 10 reps,inner thigh (isometric hold);ab and neck work.

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